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About the High School Honors Chorus

1. Purpose

2. Eligibility

Begin Registration

Please use the link below to begin your registration.

School Account Registration

All schools must register at the beginning of every school year.

Edit Registration

If you have registered already, please log in by selecting your school name and entering your passcode.

Passcode: 10 Character Maximum


1.Click “School Registration” and complete all of the information. Click “Submit”.

2.The next page will allow you to add students to your registration. You should specify the region and scheduling information for each student. This allows you to send students to different regions if necessary.

3.Click “Print Invoice”. Print this page using your browser’s print button. Make a copy for your school secretary/treasurer, a copy to enclose with your payment and a copy for your records. Payment must be postmarked on or before September 10th.

4.You may change student names and voice parts until midnight on September 10th. Please, do not change the NUMBER of student registrations after you have sent your fees. This would prohibit your school’s registration from downloading to the regional site-chairperson.

5. All registered students and voice parts are binding at midnight on September 10th.